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The GravPower Generator

A Natural, Sustainable, and Viable GREEN ENERGY Product

Environmentally Friendly. Carbon Invisible.

In proposing the principles of the Gravity Powered Generator (GPG) idea we are essentially redefining and expanding the concept of the “carbon neutral” principle. The GPG’s newly initiated carbon neutral principle can be redefined as a process or piece of equipment not requiring ANY carbon-based fuels or consumables from the Earth’s environment and ecology nor creating, producing, or releasing ANY emissions, exhaust, by-products, or pollutants into the Earth’s environment and ecology.

Carbon Invisible: It can be proposed that GPG creates the new concept of “carbon invisible”. Rather than “taking something out” of the environment and then “putting something back” into the environment to balance things as the standard model of carbon neutral does, GPG does not take anything out (no fuels or consumables) to begin with and so it is unnecessary to put anything back (carbon credits). Furthermore GPG does not create, produce, or release any exhaust, emission, by-products, or pollutants into the environment.