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The GravPower Generator

A Natural, Sustainable, and Viable GREEN ENERGY Product

The Five Main Motivators for GPG: The “WHY” of GPG

In his book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (Pink, 2009), Daniel H. Pink discusses the motivations that “drive” people in their personal and professional lives. His major contention is that what industry and business think of as the main motivators of people are flawed if not outright “broken”. He explores the myths of what he calls “Motivation 2.0” and how emphasis on compensation and reward (or control and punishment) leads to the opposite of the desired results pertaining to productivity and satisfaction, as well as adversely affecting corporate and personal success and well-being.

Pink explores, as an alternative to the standard rewards and controls, the idea of intrinsic or internal motivators and their uses in today’s businesses and industries as well as in personal living. By eschewing the standard models of the business and industrial motivations he presents a model of intrinsic or internal motivations or drives that will lead in most instances to greater productivity, more overall and long-term success, and a robust, healthy sense of well-being both professionally and personally. There are many ways that this can be achieved and I would love to cover them all here . . . but it is better that you read the book first.

The GravPower Generator Company prescribes to the principles in Drive in that we have adopted Four Main Motivators as the core of what generally drives our “goals” as a business and our “incentives” as individuals. Three of these Four Main Motivators are intrinsic and service-oriented in nature. The fourth Main Motivator is extrinsic or reward based. The following is a brief explanation of each of these Four Main Motivators.

Disaster Relief

Just look into the faces of the people suffering from the numerous disasters around the world and here at home. Whether it is the earthquake and tsunami torn areas of northern Japan or the hurricane ravaged areas of Houston, Texas, looking into the faces of shock, pain, and anguish should motivate us to aid and assist those who are suffering. Knowing that the Emergency Shelter Models of the GPG could provide the electricity for much needed comfort and support should give us such a sense of urgency. We have a device and a concept that could relieve their pain and suffering. We should strive to get the GPG Emergency Shelter Models installed in all emergency shelters to give those who are in desperate need the reliable, continuous, and unfettered electrical energy for the heaters, fans, hotplates, communications equipment, and other emergency needs for Disaster Relief.

Soldier Support

Do you know what a Gold Star Family is? They are any member of the immediate family of a person who died in a combat zone while a member of any branch of the armed forces. One of GPG’s primary goals is the prevention of a family becoming a Gold Star Family. Our Military Field Unit Systems of GPGs will be able to provide the soldier in remote, isolated areas the ability to produce electricity without the need for any fuels or consumables. These quiet and robust units will provide the soldiers in the field with the electricity to run their communications equipment, heating or air conditioning units, cooking and refrigeration equipment, and most importantly, the perimeter monitoring and alarm systems for their camps. If the GPG concept can prevent even a few military casualties then we have achieved our goal of Soldier Support.

Poverty Relief

The newest trend in Third World Countries and impoverished nations is the crusade for the public’s economic and social empowerment, often seen in industrial or business initiatives to the populace. But GPG believes that before you can have “empowerment” you must have “power”. While many talk of the public’s political and social strengthening, GPG is proposing the literal providing of an independent and economical source of electrical power. In designing, manufacturing, and selling the Cottage- or Village-Industry System of GPG we are providing the independent business person and entrepreneur in the underdeveloped areas of the world the opportunity to have electricity to run their small village factories or cottage-based businesses where the possibilities never existed before to further Poverty Relief.

Disaster Prevention

Previously we have talked about the GPG concept in relation to Disaster Relief in the form of the Emergency Shelter Model. But what if there were versions of the GPG that could help avert the disaster altogether. Such versions are the Fukushima Towers, named after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster precipitated by the earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan.

During the disaster one of the major problems that was encountered was the absence of electrical power to control panels and gauges that could tell the operators what was occurring within the reactors. The emergency backup generators had been located in the basement of each building and subsequently were flooded over when the tsunami breached the sea wall. Toward the end, just before the core meltdown, there were even desperate attempts to get electricity from batteries in automobiles and trucks that were parked nearby the facilities, such was the need for power.

Our proposal for the Fukushima Towers is to have large gravity powered generators located within critical facilities that could backup or augment the regular emergency power generators. While these units would not necessarily operate the whole facility they would be able to provide power to the critical controls, gauges, and equipment within the complex for Disaster Prevention.

Personal and Company Profit

I deign to use the word “profit” here but really there is no other way to describe it. We are a company that will strive to provide the world with an independent, economical, and environmentally-friendly power source. It uses no fuels or consumables, is “carbon-invisible”, and will be a great benefit to humankind and the environment. It will provide relief in disasters, save soldiers’ lives, and can lead to the betterment of humanity. All these factors and more are outstanding internal, intrinsic, service-oriented motivators . . . so why bring up “profit”? The fact is we are a still company that needs to “justify and support its existence” within the corporate world and each of us has to “sustain and support” ourselves and our families. Simply put, we all have to make a living somehow. So why not Profit in what will be one of the most 

benevolent and charitable ways by serving humankind and the environment as part of GPG.

Our major goals are to benefit humankind, help maintain and improve the environment, and have a company that will make a difference in the world. In the end, we do not want to power the entire planet . . . we just want to provide a little power to many small portions of it . . . and, along the journey, empower some of the people and places who need the Gravity Powered Generator.