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The GravPower Generator

A Natural, Sustainable, and Viable GREEN ENERGY Product

Foreword: Five Voices from the Future

This proposal presentation will speak to the need for an alternative “green” energy source that is based on the principles of gravity, springs, and human power. It will be presented in terms of facts as I outline the need for a natural, sustainable, and viable electric power production. The concept consist of an electrical power source that is independent of the present electrical grid and power distribution systems.

But first you need to hear the impact this concept will have from five voices of the future . . .

Ibrahim – My name is Ibrahim. I live in a Palestinian village outside Jerusalem. I am a third grader at the local village school. I love working on the laptops that the school has. The school recently got a new electric power maker that helps keep our laptops charged. For a while we did not have any power because the utilities in our area kept breaking. But with the new thing that is in our school we always have power for our laptops. The older boys and girls get to pull the cables that keeps it going. They even let us third graders pull at a cable during recess as they take a break. It’s great fun and we all laugh as we pull together. But what we really love is the electricity that charges our laptops. I love drawing and reading on the laptops and am beginning to learn messaging and simple programming. Sometimes I hear the angry voices in the streets and would worry. But I am reading about a Mr. Gandhi from India and a Mr. King from America and I see that there are other ways to get what we need. I am talking to other children from around the world and hearing their dreams. My laptop is helping me learn and I hope it will keep going with the power from the electric making thing.

Priya – Hello, I am Priya. I live in a rural Indian village outside Kolkata in the West Bengal state. My brother and I are getting up early to begin making breakfast for the family. In the past we would have to gather the wood and charcoal for the fire. But with the new box that Father got in Kolkata we do not have to build a fire anymore. We call the box “Kitty” because of the soft purring sounds it makes when it is running. Mother will call out to us “It’s time to pull Kitty’s tail” when we need power for the stove. My brother Rajiv and I take turns pulling the cords that starts the box going. When we pull the cord the box makes the sound like a cat’s tail being pulled. We both giggle and Mother smiles at us.

Since getting the box life is a lot better. The smoke from the wood fire used to sting my eyes and made it difficult for Mother to breathe sometimes. The new box even gives us power for our lights and small computers. I like reading books that I can load to my computer when we visit Kolkata. Rajiv is messaging with a Palestinian boy named Ibrahim. They talk constantly about Mr. Gandhi and each want to travel to see each other’s country. Father says they will be building a factory to make the boxes here in India and he will apply to get a job there.

Yes, the new box is making our lives better. Thank you, “Kitty”.

Heather – I am Heather and I live with my family in Illinois near the St. Louis, Missouri USA area. I go to Highland High School and am starting my junior year. I am thrilled to be starting my work/study year as part of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) studies through the Project-Lead-The-Way (PLTW) program. I have been so looking forward to this since third grade when I took a tour of the factory where my dad works making the Gravity and Spring Powered Generators.

Times were a little rough before my dad got his job at GPG, as it’s called around here. While we weren’t poor there were times that I saw the strain in my parents faces. Then he got the job machining parts for the electric generators in the old Wicks Organ Company buildings in Highland, Illinois. Dad says, with pride, that GPG recycles every scrap of material they can, renews every person that works for them, and has NEVER built a new building or facility for the company. They just simply reuse existing buildings from here to the ends of the Earth. “Got enough buildings on this planet. Anyways, don’t need any more new ones” he says.

It was third grade that my life changed in two ways. First, dad got his job at GPG. He’s the happiest I have ever seen him. And momma is happy too. After paying off some of the bills dad announced he was taking momma to a show at the Fox Theatre in downtown St. Louis. She was thrilled and still smiles that precious smile when we mention it. We got new clothes and Jimmy and I got bikes. We still live in the old house because momma and dad like it and just like GPG dad doesn’t see the need for a new house. “Just spit and polish and hammer and duct tape her up like we do at work” he proclaims.

The second change happened when I went on a tour of the GPG facilities in Highland. The summer after third grade GPG held an open house for the community and had a special day for the families. When I walked in holding momma’s hand it felt like the ceiling flew away and I was flying. The first thing that hit me was the smell of the metal and the grease that hung in the air. Then the sounds of the whirling sprockets and the gentle clicking of the chains. I fell in love with the place as soon as I walked onto the production floor. In sixth grade I designed an improvement to one of the gearing systems using my Lego® set. Dad was impressed and took it into work to show his chief machinist. All the machinist thought it was a great idea and it was adopted into the GPGs and SPGs. I was given a certificate for Junior Machinist by the plant supervisor. And that summer, for the open house, I stood by the GPG and SPG displays and explained the upgrade I made to them to the visitors.

And now I get to start my formal work/study program and spend part of my day at the Old Wick Building learning about the GPGs and SPGs. This is where I belong. This will be my life. People say that girls aren’t interested in such thing as science, math, and mechanics. But I am! I want to work here. I want to grow here. I want to run the whole company.

Toshi – Kon'nichiwa, allow me to introduce myself. I am Toshi. I am a senior technician at the Fukushima Daini facility in Japan. My task is to manage the Continuous Operations systems that provide electrical power in emergency situations. It was put into place after the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi facility. We make sure that the Fukushima Tower Units (FTUs) and the Portable Power Packs for Continuous Operations (3PCOs) are in constant readiness. We worked with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to secure the FTUs and the 3PCOs for the facilities. While the large stationary FTUs gives us the assurance that we will have ready electrical power when we need for our control panels and emergency equipment, it is the little mobile 3PCOs that are turning out to be the most practical. We have adapted the support trailers for everything from hauling equipment to ferrying workers. We even have a colorful “trolley” to take visitors and distinguished guests on tours around the facility.

We recently had a visit from the Chief Technical Officer for GPG. Ms. Heather, as she was called, came to show us the upgrades to the 3PCOs. She had all the 3PCOs lined up and then asked our supervisor Mr. Ito to assist her in the upgrade. Mr. Ito has the countenance of an Easter Island statue but by the time Ms. Heather and Mr. Ito were done with the job he was smiling. Before she returned Mr. Ito threw a party for her where he presented a personalized Fukushima Daini tool set with a huge grin and a respectful bow. Later we heard that Ms. Heather was named Chief Executive Officer for the North American division of GPG. Mr. Ito still talks of her visit and has the picture of the two of them, dirty from grease, on his desk.

Ibrahim, again – Houston, Mars Schiparelli Base here. Mission Commander Ibrahim reporting. Solar panels operational again. Our guess is that some Mars iron dust shorted out fuse to the solar panel arrays which caused the outage. We will continue on Exercise Spring-Powered Generators for six hours more to bring solar batteries up to hundred percent. Close call. Power from ESPGs kept us from going into red. Crew taking turns on the step, rope pull, and rowing exercise spring generators. Rajiv claims he is getting six pack abs, message from sister Priya; Mother says you are too skinny already. NASA Medical says workout was good for us. I just know that having the reserve power capabilities on the ESPGs practically saved our lives. Will report when power is back up to one hundred percent . . . and we’ve had a cold beer!

Jeremy – I am Jeremy. I am a British soldier stationed at a forward base in the Gulf region. I am headed home to Cambridge from what is my last tour. The last few days were nerve racking. The diesel generator was down and all we had left were the GPGs and SPGs that were in various locations around camp. The enemy, hearing that the generator was down, decided to try the perimeters. Fortunately we were able to power the perimeter alarms with the GPGs and SPGs. That must have surprised a few of the enemy when we showed up to stop the perimeter breaches. Sergeant Major McIntosh says the electricity from the GPGs and SPGs are good for three things; perimeter alarms, communications, and making hot water for tea.

I am back home with my wife and three children. I am safely home because of the electrical power from the GPGs and SPGs. I tell my wife about the backup power systems we had and start to explain how they work. She tells me how as a girl in India her family had something similar. I tell her how they save me and my fellow soldier’s lives. Priya looks away with tears in her eyes and softly, prayerfully says, “Thank you, Kitty.”

These voices from the future tell us of the significant and lasting impacts that the Gravity and Spring Powered Generators and all the variation off the basic concept will have. They will make lives better, they will help in education and understanding, and they will literally save lives.

So read the following presentation and study the imperative need for an independent and sustainable electric power source. It uses no fuels or consumables, needs no wind for mechanical impetus, requires no solar power, and is fueled only by gravity, spring and human power. The system produces no exhaust, emissions, by-products, or pollutants. Understand that it will be environmentally friendly and beneficial to humankind. But keep hearing the voices from the future . . .

  • The lives made better
  • The learning that is aided
  • And especially the lives that are saved.