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The GravPower Generator

A Natural, Sustainable, and Viable GREEN ENERGY Product

Local Imperative. Global Need.

Local Imperative, Global Need

To emphasize both the global need and local imperative for such a product as the GPG I am presenting a graphic of the Global Electric Energy Grid (see below) showing that much of the world is either electrically underdeveloped or not even developed at all when it concerns the electrical power service. We in the United States of America and other developed areas take the electric power grid completely for granted (this is up until the Japanese Tsunami, Superstorm Sandy, and Hurricane Katrina). We expect, and in many cases, demand that electric power be continuously and reliably available and go into chaos when there is even the slightest interruption in power.

The presence of a consistent, reliable electric power grid is more the exception rather than the rule throughout the world. As you can tell from the graphic more of the world is under-powered electrically if it even has access to the electric power grid at all. The GPG would give those underdeveloped and non-developed parts of the world at least the potential to have independent and reliable electrical power for their personal, industrial/business, and community needs. And in many cases it is not just a matter of convenience, comfort, or economic needs but often comes down to a matter of life and death in many situations. So the impact of the GPG is not just for the developed areas of the world but is a global need that can have a lasting and beneficial impact on the local exigency.