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The GravPower Generator

A Natural, Sustainable, and Viable GREEN ENERGY Product

Garland Edwards

Owner, Envisioneer

The GravPower Generator Company

Bob Cumings

Founder, CEO, Engineer

Freiezo, LLC

Laura Jones

Founder, CEO

Regent Power, LLC

The Origin of the Idea for the Air Intake Generators: Blame the Dog

I had been doing some demonstrations of the Freiezo Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) and had one of the smaller units laying down in the back seat of my car. I was riding one day with my dog Joy in the back seat of the car and I notice in the rear view mirror that Joy is giving that "look" like something is moving. That "look" is usually reserved for voles, moles, squirrels, and rabbits so I take a look in the back seat to see what creature is stirring. There I see the small experimental VAWT moving with the wind that is circulating in the back seat. I thought, "Um, that's interesting". I adjust the mirror to watch the VAWT and carefully watching the road ahead I speed up and low-and-behold the rotation in the VAWT speeds up. I slow down, it slows down. Do you see where I am going with this?

By integrating the wind turbine, either vertically or horizontally, into the framework the vehicle and allowing vented airflow through the turbine/generator as the vehicle is moving you will generate charging power for your on-board battery power system. It is not adding any significant wind resistance or drag but merely "siphoning off" or "diverting" the power of the wind resistance or drag that is pushing against the vehicle and converting it to electrical power.

And while it may not be able to recharge the system completely it will provide enough auxiliary power to extend the mileage range between charging stations.

We have given the concept the working title of the Air Intake Generator (AIG). And while there are air intake systems for various vehicles for different uses, we envision the AIG to be truly a power producing generator that will contribute viable and useful power to the Electric and Hybrid Vehicles in the future.

Bob Cumings and his associates, all former Boeing Engineers, at Freiezo are experimenting with the concept and will gather power output data from the prototype AIG at the speeds of thirty, forty-five, and sixty miles per hour. Laura Jones at Regent Power will be our resource for the power storage and utilization modules.

IWinds Air Intake Generators

The Freiezo Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Pictured are the prototypes of the Freiezo Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT).The focus of this proposal is the little unit on the far right. It is the plastic prototype used in the wind tunnel tests at St. Louis University’s testing laboratory.

Usually the VAWT is utilized in the vertical or upright position as shown in the picture to the left.

But let’s consider the VAWT being at different angles as the horizontal position on the left.

The next step is to attach air intake venting to the wind turbine to “scoop up” or "siphon off" the air as the unit is moving.

Top view of the wind turbine and air intake venting.

Side view of the wind turbine and air intake venting.

Shown left is an example of how these Air Intake Generators might be utilized on a semi tractor trailer in these concept drawings.

But lets extrapolate out the various other uses and functions of the Air Intake Generators

Air Dam or Airfoil on Automobile

Attach an underbody air dam or airfoil containing the AIGs to the front of an automobile.

Spoiler or Deflector on Automobile

Attach a spoiler or deflector containing AIGs to the rear of an automobile.

Spoiler or Deflector on Automobile

Attach a spoiler or deflector containing AIGs to the rear of an automobile.

While the Air Intake Generator System may not provide complete charging to Electric and Hybrid Vehicles they will provide additional mileage between charges to increase the range of the electric and hybrid vehicles.

Advantages of the Air Intake Generators:

  • Increases range of EVs between charges.
  • Easy to install and attach.
  • Economically viable.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Concept Design Drawing of the Large Truck Mounted Air Intake Generators

Concept Drawing: Large Truck Mounted Air Intake Generator (Side View)

Concept Drawing: Large Truck Mounted Air Intake Generator (Top View)